• BPA Event Forms, WSAP, & Submission Instructions

    The following documents are the resources that will be needed for events: The WSAP has all of the events that are available for competition. It is broke into 5 categories: Finance (100)'s, Business Administration (200's), Management Information Systems (300's), Digital Communication and Design (400's), and Management, Marketing, & Communications (500's). 

    A member can do a maximum of two individual events and one team or any other combination. It is highly recommended to start with two events and do well! The categories of events are tests, presentations, and paper/presentation. 

    Every member must read their event and understand how to participate along with reviewing the rubric that will be used to grade. All judges will be using these rubrics.  Test are just graded.

    ***Choose events that you can grow and learn!***

    WSAP 2019-2020

    Style Manual 2019-2020  [The style manual is a reference on how to format all documents for competition--such as papers and outines]  All members must review their events guidelines for formatting documents in their event. All papers use size 12 Times New Roman.

    Human Resource Manual

    Individual Entry Form Make a copy        Graphic Guidelines Make a copy

    Team Entry Form Make a copy              Release Form Make a copy    CLOUD STORAGE / FILE SHARING GUIDELINES

    https://bpa.org/ National Website for references: Once you are a member, you can use your username and password to log into competitive events and resources.

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