As the social landscape moves farther into the 21st century, it is becoming more apparent that the computer is serving as the primary tool for creative and artistic development.  Moving forward, students will need to understand that a computer is not simply an entertainment device, nor is it simply a word processor or presentation creator.  Students will need to learn how to develop ideas and create meaningful output on a computer.  They will need to learn how to solve problems and adjust their work in the digital environment.  Media Productions offers students the opportunity to develop their technological skills in a 21st century, project based learning environment. Students use cameras, computers, and other media equipment to capture school events and athletic competitions, which are then loaded into the digital environment and used to tell a story.  Students are given creative license to develop the content of their choice, while the teacher facilitates their learning through both individual and cooperative learning experiences.  The Media Production class serves as an introduction to video editing, but the classroom serves as an introduction to meaningful productivity in the 21st century workplace.