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                          DAVANNI'S MENU


    Dress Code                                                                              1242 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis (4 minutes away)

    Shane at 4 Accounting
    Cohl at 6 Fundamental Word Processing
    Officers need to be somewhere at 7:30 for delegates
    Sarah has to be with officers at 6:45
    I work from 6:00 to grading is done.

    So what time should we order pizzas for Thursday night dinner? 
    Two boys rooms and three girls rooms along with you and I.

    Should we call Davanni's on Thursday to set up the order for Friday. 21 full sandwiches?

    You will have to meet them to go the Open Session at 9:00 like last year.
    Mrs.L is lit smile
    Friday--we can plan a 5 to 6 dinner.  

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