The goal of English 9 is to set the groundwork for the skills that will be used in depth in your later English courses and beyond. The focus of the course is to develop skills in responding to various pieces of literature from different genres, authors and cultures. This course will prepare you to analyze, compare, evaluate and form educated opinions of various literary pieces. The main genres of study will be short stories and novels. We will also do an in-depth study of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, concentrating on various aspects of drama. Another main focus of the course is in understanding elements of grammar and how they function in our language. Students will continue to develop their writing skills, focusing on analytical, argumentative and informative techniques. The course will also include activities to expand vocabulary.  Another major aspect of this course is an introduction to public speaking techniques.  Quality of research and presentation will be the criteria on which the speeches are evaluated.  Units of study include informative speaking, impromptu speaking and persuasive speaking.

Pre-College English 10 will continue to provide a well-rounded view of language arts at an accelerated pace. Students will study literature in various forms: poetry, short stories, novels, and drama. Students will write many types of compositions and complete public speaking tasks. Grammar and vocabulary units will include usage, mechanics, and structure. 

English 1001W is a four-credit University of Minnesota course, which is offered for high school students who have demonstrated exceptional abilities in reading and writing. The literature is multi-cultural, the writing is both informal and formal, and the learning is active.

This course will focus on writing for the real world: college application essays, resumes, cover letters, business communications, etc. There will also be a creative writing component, which will cover the writing of poetry, short stories, and creative nonfiction.

This course is a yearlong course designed to give you exposure to college material and familiarize you with expectations of a college-level course.  The primary goal of the course is to develop your abilities as critics by performing in-depth analyses of demanding works of literature.  The course will focus on responding to various genres of literature and cover aspects of grammar, composition and public speaking.  This course also stresses the importance of vocabulary expansion.  This course promotes independent student learning but will also entail a great deal of cooperative learning.